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Mineral Resources

As a comprehensive resources company, we strive to provide a stable supply of raw materials to industries representative of Japan through the development of underground resources around the world.

Nonmetallic Minerals Division

Our company has limestone mines across Japan, such as the Torigatayama Quarry Complex in Kochi Prefecture, the largest mine in the country with the highest annual production, placing us among the top class domestically.

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Major Products and Services

Ores Limestone, crushed stone, calcium carbonate, gypsum, chips for pulp, silica rock, quicklime/hydrated lime, dolomite
Fuel-related Petroleum products, coal, LPG
Fine Chemicals Specialty papers (fire-retardant, calcium carbonate), Asheet paper shoe insoles, white limestone

Metallic Minerals Division

The Metallic Minerals Division develops and operates the Atacama Copper Mine of the Republic of Chile in South America and smelts electrolytic copper on consignment from Hibi kyodo Smelting Co., Ltd.

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Major Products and Services

Electrolytic copper, gold, and silver

Resource Development Division

Our company’s Resource Development Division has consistently explored for and developed natural underground resources. Our activities cover mineral resources, such as materials for steel manufacturing, copper ore, and other materials around the world.

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Machinery & Environmental Engineering Segment

The Machinery & Environmental Engineering Segment of our company includes the Environment Division, which mainly supplies environmental products such as wastewater treatment chemicals, etc., and the Machinery Division, which mainly deals in environmental products such as dust collectors, etc.

Environment Division

The Environment Division of our company supplies wastewater treatment chemicals, with a special emphasis on Polytetsu.

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Major Products and Services

Wastewater treatment Polytetsu, Tetsuflock
Deodorant Dashace

Machinery Division

The Machinery Division focuses on producing eco-friendly environmental machines and a range of industrial machines that meet the extensive needs of customers.

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Major Products and Services

Environment related Dust collectors equipped with Sinter Lamelar filter, dust collector Geo-sinter, deodorizing smoke separator Plasmadash Sigma/Slim/Compact
Powder and fluid-related Elbow-Jet submicron particle separator air-classifier, (raw) milk inspection agency plating machine

Real Estate Segment

Real Estate Division

The Real Estate Division of our company has carried out business activities to effectively use company-owned real estate. Mindful to the needs of the market, this division also manages company-owned office and apartment buildings in urban areas and is leasing restaurants, stores, factories, warehouses, parking lots, and other properties, some at disused mines and idle land, across the country.

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Primary Businesses

Leasing and sales of office buildings, condominiums, stores, factories and warehouses, and real estate

Renewable Energy

In our Renewable Energy Segment, we are working to develop geothermal, hydroelectric, solar and other environmentally friendly natural energy sources.

Geothermal Division

The Geothermal Division is engaged in geothermal surveys and development, while being mindful of the environment.

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Primary Businesses

Survey and development of geothermal energy, and supply and sale of geothermal steam

Primary Businesses

Solar Power Division

The Solar Power Division is constructing solar power plants on eight unused company-owned sites as part of our development of natural energy, and selling the power to power companies.

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Primary Businesses

Power generation using solar power generation and the supply and sale of electricity

R&D Department

R&D Division

The Research & Development Division, by freely using our rich technical background and experiences cultivated over a long period, is investigating and developing, as well as engineering, the new products and materials that will become the principal pillars of new businesses that will strengthen the corporate base.

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