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Solar Power Division

Kamaishi Mega Solar Power Plant and second power plant

Using unused company-owned land for solar power generation business

Since July 2012, when Japan launched a feed-in tariff (FIT) program for renewable energy, the Solar Power Division has been building solar power plants on company-owned land, such as unused decommissioned mine sites. This ensures the effective use of land and generates revenue from the sale of electricity to power companies.

Since completing the Toyako Mega Solar Power Plant in Hokkaido in September 2013, we have gone on to build three others in Tohoku, one in Kanto, and three in Kyushu, making a total of eight mega solar power plants in operation today. The total generating capacity is around 13,000 kW. Since the start of operation, each of these plants continues to operate steadily.

We aim to continue our highly efficient operations and introducing new technologies as we go forward.

Yunoki Mega Solar Power Plant
Power conditioning subsystem (PCS)
Lake Toya Mega Solar Power Plant
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