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Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd. (hereunder "our company") recognizes that your personal information is important in maintaining your privacy, and that taking the utmost care in handling such information is a societal responsibility of ours.

Our company complies with laws and regulations concerning personal information, and protects and handles acquired personal information in accordance with the rules below.

1.Acquiring of Personal Information

When acquiring personal information, our company does so through appropriate means and only when it is necessary for business operations.

2.Use of Personal Information

Our company discloses the purpose of the acquisition of personal information to the individual.

3.Providing of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our company manages acquired personal information properly and does not provide third parties with personal information without prior consent from the individual unless specified otherwise by law.

4.Management of Personal Information

Our company endeavors to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of acquired personal information.

5.Respect for Your Rights of Privacy

If an individual makes a request for the disclosure, correction, removal, or suspension of use of his or her own personal information, our company will respond promptly as long as there are no exceptional legal circumstances that prevent us from doing so.

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