Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd.



Message from the Management

Together with the industries of this nation forever

Nittetsu Mining contributes to the progress of society through the development of resources while coexisting with the regions and the environment.

Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd. ("our company") was established after separating from the mining division of the former Japan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (presently, Nippon Steel Corporation) in 1939. The intention was to develop and steadily supply raw materials, such as coal, iron ore, and limestone, for steelmaking.

Since then, our company has prospered and expanded, while bearing a heavy responsibility for supplying raw materials to basic industries in Japan through the development of underground resources. Amid a revolution in the resources and energy sectors during a period of economic growth, our main operations have changed from coal to metal and limestone. Today, our company has established a unique position in the industry as a comprehensive resources corporation engaged in mine development both at home and overseas.

From now on, responding to social demand, we will make every effort to steadily supply these resources. At the same time that we are using the traditions and technologies accumulated over a long period, we will tackle the development of other technologies around mines, such as security and the development of new resources both at home and overseas; adding value to mineral resources; and consulting on mining and geology, among other activities. We will take further action to strengthen our business base as a comprehensive resources corporation in order to achieve further growth.

In addition, we will contribute to our shareholders, customers, and community by demonstrating the total strength of our company group and through the development of such businesses as machinery and other products centered on preserving the environment, as well as the real estate business, renewable energy, etc.

Reiichi Morikawa
Representative Director and President

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