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Nittetsu Mining Co., Ltd. (Nittetsu) is a Japanese mining company that deals in both metal and non-metal mineral resources. Nittetsu is active in mineral exploration around the world, especially in circum-Pacific region. At present Nittetsu is conducting animated exploration activities in Fiji, Chile and Mali as well as in domestic places.
This homepage introduces you the current exploration activity areas of Nittetsu. If you have interest in JV exploration project with Nittetsu and Nittetsu's mining rights, please feel free to contact us at the following address (in English or Japanese).

Due to strict filtering system of mail server, some e-mail may be blocked.
We recommend you to send same message by FAX.

FAX Contact: +81-3-5962-5180

H. Iwasaki, Manager of Resource Development Dept.
M. Miyoshi, Manager of Resource Development Section
S. Machida, Manager of Resource Development Section
Y. Ichii, Manager of Resource Development Section
T. Tanaka, Manager of Resource Development Section

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  1. JAPAN
    1) Metal mining concessions: 254 (633km2,100% share)
    2) Non-metal mining concessions: 290 (572km2,100% share)

  2. FIJI
    1) Metal mining concession (Nittetsu Mining holds 100% of Special Prospecting Licence for tenament of 720km2))

  3. CHILE
    1) Metal exploration concessions: ( 100% share)

1: Nittetsu Mining Co., LTD.(Japanese only)
2: Antrum/Nittetsu Mining Co., LTD.(Japanese only)
3: Soiltech/Nittetsu Mining Co., LTD.(Japanese only)

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