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R&D Division

R&D Center

R&D for New Products and Materials Forming the Pillar of New Businesses in Various Departments

To further strengthen our business foundation, the R&D Department is working on engineering and the development of new products and materials that will support new businesses based on the wealth of technologies and experience gained over the years from mine development.

Mineral-related departments are backing the development of new mine projects and new technologies for difficult-to-process ores. This work is being done by researching ore processing technologies, such as flotation methods and magnetic concentration used for separating and recovering minerals during mine operations. These departments are also responsible for analysis, including investigating the physical properties of ores and the composition of environmental samples.

Materials-related divisions develop and commercialize Nanostrata® membrane coating technology as well as a new material, hollow silica SiliNax®, that uses inorganic oxide coating technology to apply powder and particles (cultivated through development) that are aimed at enhancing the value of mineral resources, including limestone, our mainstay product.

Environment-related divisions conduct research into advanced functionality as well as develop new manufacturing methods for water treatment agents, such as Polytetsu, an inorganic iron flocculant. Machinery-related divisions develop new products and make improvements/modifications intended to widen the application of Sinter-Lamellar-Filter(SLF) for dust collectors and PLASMA DASH, a deodorizer.

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