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  • Any of the following acts toward the Company or its affiliated companies, and their board members or employees, or other companies (persons) or organizations:
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  • This website is under the control of the Company. While this Website can be accessed from countries all over the world, each of which have different laws, both the persons accessing this Website and the Company agree to be bound by the laws of Japan and the ordinances of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government when using this Website.
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  • All disputes arising in relation to use of this Website shall be referred to the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive court of first instance, unless otherwise specified.


In principle, links to this website may be used for both profit and non-profit purposes, without informing Nittetsu Mining in advance. However, please refrain from setting up links that correspond or may correspond to any of the links below:

  • Links from websites that contain content that defames products and services provided by of Nittetsu Mining or our group, or which tarnish the credibility of Nittetsu Mining or our group
  • Links from websites that contain illegal information
  • Links from websites that contain content that violates public order and morality and/or social ethics
  • Frame links, image links, and other such links which make it unclear that the information contained therein is part of this website (Please set the link so that the entire browser screen changes to this website, or this website opens in a different window)
  • Links that may be misinterpreted as having some kind of alliance or cooperative relationship with Nittetsu Mining or our group, or links that may lead to the misunderstanding that Nittetsu Mining or our group acknowledges or supports the website from which the link originates

The Company may request that way in which a link is set be changed or that links be removed, even when links do not correspond to any of the above.

The Company reserves the right to modify or discontinue the URL of this Website without prior notice.

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The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever with respect to any inconvenience or damage resulting from links to other websites operated by third parties that may be found on this Website.

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