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December 1899 Began as the Raw Materials Department of the state-owned Yahata Steel Works when the disused Futase Mine in Iizuka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture started producing again
January 1934 The former Japan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (presently, NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION) was established through contributions in kind by the state-owned Yahata Steel Works, along with four other private iron manufacturing companies, and takes over operations to Futase Mine
May 1939 The mining division was separated from the former Japan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. in order to develop and securing raw materials, such as coal, iron ore, and limestone for steelmaking with 50 million yen in capital to establish the company
The major domestic and overseas mines of Futase (Fukuoka Prefecture), Kamaishi (Iwate Prefecture), Kucchan (Hokkaido Prefecture), and Akatani (Niigata Prefecture) were taken over and coal was mined from there
February 1943 The Higashi-shikagoe Quarry Complex was established
August 1950 The Ikura Quarry Complex was established
October 1950 The Tsukumi Quarry Complex (presently, Oita Quarry Complex) was established
December 1950 The Funao Quarry Complex (presently, Funao Mining Company Co., Ltd.) was established
October 1951 Hazuru Quarry Complex (April 1953 Changed the name to Kuzuu Quarry Complex, presently, Tochigi Quarry Complex) was established
November 1951 Participated in the management of Kanto Securities Co., Ltd. (July 1998 Merged with Dojima Securities Co. Ltd. and established Dojima Kanto Securities Co., Ltd. June 2008, Sold all shares and withdrew from the securities business.)
March 1954 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section
April 1957 The Yaguki Quarry Complex (presently, Yaguki Gravel Company Co., Ltd.) was established
April 1958 The Shiriya Quarry Complex was established
May 1959 The Mitaka Research Laboratory was established (name changed to Research and Development Center in April 1989, transferred to Hinode-machi, Tokyo-to in October 1994, and the name was changed to the R&D Department in April 2003)
July 1964 The Nagaoyama Quarry Company was established
October 1965 The Kuhara Quarry Company was established (name changed to Yamaguchi Quarry Company in October 1988, closed in March 2023)
November 1968 The Hibi Kyodo Smelting Co., Ltd. was established through joint financing with Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd. and Furukawa Mining Co., Ltd. (presently, FURUKAWA CO., LTD.)
April 1971 The Torigatayama Quarry Complex was established
June 1972 Branched out from coal production with the closing of the Ioujima Quarry Complex
October 1973 The Machinery Sales Department was established
March 1975 Starting of operations at the Qaleh-Zari Copper Mine (Islamic Republic of Iran) (sold to a national Iranian copper industries company in June 1991)
March 1978 Transferred Headquarter to current location (6F, Yusen Bldg., 2-3-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan)
April 1979 Abolished Kamaishi Mine. Kamaishi Mine was transferred to Kamaishi Kozan Co., Ltd.
April 1985 The Chemical Products Sales Division was established (April 1993 Changed the name to Environmental Sales Department and established the Environmental Division. Part of the business was integrated into the Mineral Resources Division)
April 1989 The Real Estate Sales Division was established
October 1990 Start of trial operations at the El Roble Copper Mine (Republic of Colombia) (full-scale operation started from January 1991, and sold to a Colombian corporation in June 1998)
March 1997 Port Kembla Copper Pty. Ltd. was established in Australia through joint financing with Furukawa Co., Ltd., Nissho Iwai Corporation (presently, Sojitz Corporation), and ITOCHU Corporation
May 1998 The Sodegaura Distribution Center was established in Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture
January 2003 Starting trial operations at Atacama Copper Mine (Republic of Chile) (full-scale operations started in June that year)
June 2006 Port Kembla Copper Pty. Ltd. owned by our company was transferred to Furukawa Metals & Resources Co., Ltd. and management was taken over by Furukawa
April 2013 The Kagoshima Geothermal Facility was established
September 2013 The Renewable Energy Department was established
October 2013 Acquisition of shares of SUMIMETAL MINING COMPANY LIMITED (presently, Hachinohe Mining Co., Ltd.) from Nippon Steel Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Industries (presently, NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION) to make it a subsidiary
December 2013 Obtained Green Cycle Certification Council (SGEC) forest management certification for Shiraoi company-owned forests
October 2017 Acquired additional shares in Compania Minera Arqueros S.A. to develop a copper mine in Republic of Chile.
April 2022 With the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange's market segmentation, the market moved from the First Section to the Prime Market.
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