(Microtubular Basic Magnesium Carbonate)

MgTube is a microtubular particle with a unique morphology which has a porous shell.

MgTube can be applied as functional microcapsule by means of impregnation of liquid into microtubular structure or release of impregnated matter.


  • Liquid can be powderized by its impregnation into MgTube.
  • MgTube can be used as a carrier with release sustainability which release impregnated matter gradually.
  • Impregnated component in MgTube can be released by compression force or acid stimulus.
  • MgTube can be applied as an adsorbent or absorbent using its porous structure.
Powder properties
chemical composition mMgCO3·Mg(OH)2·nH2O
particle size outer (inner) diameter : 2 - 10(1 - 5)µm
length : 10 - 50µm
specific surface area 120 - 200m2/g
pore volume 7 - 12mL/g
liquid absorption liquid paraffin : 250 - 310mL/100g
pure water : 170 - 280mL/100g
powder density 0.05 - 0.2g/mL
pH 10.0 - 11.5

Utilization of MgTube.

Schematic image of impregnation of liquid into MgTube(Powderization of highly viscous silicone gel).

Schematic image of releasing impregnated component with sustainability(Carrier with release sustainability of naphthalene).

cosmetics、specialty paints、specialty pigments、adsorbent、absorbent、carrier (powderization agent, encapsulation agent)

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