Project Name: KITAMI

62 Exploration concessions: 27km2, 100% share

Target minerals: Pb, Zn, Cu, Au

Geology and Ore Deposit: The concessions are sited about 15 to 25 km southeast of the Cerro Colorado mine in the Paleocene porphyry copper belt. The basement composed mainly of rhyolitic to andesitic volcanic rocks and granodiorite. Galeno and sphalerite vein is located in north vicinity of the concession.Silicification and pyritization is commonly recognized in andesite lava and sedimentary rocks around granodiorite/diorite.

Exploration activities:
2000-2001] Satellite image analysis using JERS-1 and ASTER data.
2002] Preliminary geological and geochemical surveys (48 km2).

<<< The result of the Geochemical Surveys. >>>

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<<< Geological Map of Kitami , Vertical Section & Legend >>>

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Future plan(2002-2003):Detailed geological and geochemical surveys were done in the whole of the concessions. We will conduct geophysical (IP) and drilling surveys for the prospective areas.

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